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#118 Wed, Jan 09, 2019 at 8:22 AM
Your voice will always matter here. So we have made some changes per the request of the community.

The Vote Results

Save messages became too overwhelming. So The vote to removed them passed outright.

Loot Notifications however helpful to many felt it changed the dynamic of the game so the vote to remove them passed.

Then The vote to remove notifications for people joining and leaving was kept.

We have cars!
Cars are godlike unfinished machines of doom and terror in this game. So I added 10 of them. 9 in the Main land and 1 on an island protected by a quarter million turrets... (Alan)

There is 2 Purchasable at the dealership for 2000 HQ. 7 of them i placed around the map in random spots. and 2 in the dealership. They are most likely in a garages by this point. So take that into account and dont get shot in a driveby.
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