We are online with a whole new world!

This website represents a unique server where you don't have to binge and get fired from your day job to play.
3x Server with LOTS AND LOTS OF LOOT - Random Helicopters - Random Drops. Tons of cargo ships and more.

This is rust. The server is pure hell but with enough perks and server mods to make the game enjoyable. 5000X stacks. so you can loot your brains out. Build a safe base rather quickly. Enjoy a Half hour for day and 5 Minute nights.

Bring your Friends in for no team limits. Oh and if you have friends invite them to your clan. Auto TC auth is a brilliant thing.

Your voice will always matter here. So we have made some changes per the request of the community.

The Vote Results


Save messages became too overwhelming. So The vote to removed them passed outright.

Loot Notifications however helpful to many felt it changed the dynamic of the game so the vote to remove them passed.

Then The vote to remove notifications for people joining and leaving was kept.

We have cars!
Cars are godlike unfinished machines of doom and terror in this game. So I added 10 of them. 9 in the Main land and 1 on an island protected by a quarter million turrets... (Alan)

There is 2 Purchasable at the dealership for 2000 HQ. 7 of them i placed around the map in random spots. and 2 in the dealership. They are most likely in a garages by this point. So take that into account and dont get shot in a driveby.


Its a fortress of hell. But a small island in the lower Right of the map is consumed by the admins. Stepping foot here will surely mean death. Raid the base and seek the rewards!


We had a day 1 adventure pass giving a select few a entry pass to our new theme park!

One of a kind Admin Tools are being crafted

the Streamer Pages are being prepared

We invite you into this unique server managed and ran by software designers. We are building the most unique world for rust ever seen! The excitement is not unheard of. The world is still hell on earth. Build your base and go about your business. But Huge arenas are crafted in your neighborhoods where you can fight with unique styles.

Big Name streamers and Crafty players will play here!

Thanks for making this Start amazing!

Our Server will be updated and brought back to working order by 6PM MST Today after the launched Update. Thank you for your time.

ATTN Rusty Streamers

Is your following loyal? Would you trust your life to them? We are inviting you to battle against other streamers!

Here is how it will work

We launched another server. the 3X Pure hell server. This server will be attached to this website at the hip. This one will be ran by engineerisaac directly. We still have the 5X ran by pinochet.

But the 3X pure hell sever is ran by me and here is the following features.

1. 3X Server
2. No Decay
3. Kill Feeds.
4. Smart AI
5. Extended Loot and Food.
6. Randomizer Helecopter.
7. Web Bank and Control (Custom Setup)
a. Send loot to a bank craft on the website at work. and withdraw the loot in game when you get home.
b. Pay to win (To a slight extent, NO BP purchases but will be able to buy an AK for a few bucks) (Dont hate me this will work out)
c. Base Monitoring and Raid Notifications. (Get a notice when somebody attacks your TC protected zone.)
d. Web Chat and interaction with the field.
8. Admin Control using Web Ask for help with commands.

There is many more in the works but above is a good start of what is to come. Our software ninja's are making something amazing and we want this to explode! Join this website make an account and thrive here!


Rust got electricity and so did our bases! Now you can create automated lights and crazy setups using reactions! Check it out our server has the perfect blend of awesome!

What is this place?
To Be quite blunt.

Its a Server

  • 3x The Loot. (5x is too fast)
  • Cornicopia Mod (Tons of Loot)
  • Random Events (Locations and Time)
  • Clans! and AutoTC
  • Kill Feeds
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